Tower Experience

Indulge in a world-class leisure experience on the Maha Tower esplanade, where you’ll find a curated collection of wonders that cater to everything you need, all in one place. Blending the best of retail with sky-high splendour, the Maha Tower experience is specially curated to awaken your senses, boasting a unique charm that you can’t get elsewhere.

Level 33

Experience the spectacular glass floor on the topmost level of the Maha Tower. This innovative structure allows you to “walk on air” as it gives visitors a stunning view of the Langkawi archipelago – right under your feet.

The tower’s unique tilted viewing window also allows visitors to “hover” over the panoramic views of the bustling crowds dotted around the esplanade, coupled with the magical sparkle of the vast Andaman Sea.

Level 18

Rise up and bask in the beauty of the Langkawi cityscape from above, where you’re spoiled by a 360-degree-view of the Andaman Sea, paired with local delicacies to top it all off.

The perfect build-up to the main event.

Activity & Entertainment spaces

More than a world-class destination for stunning vistas, the Maha Tower is also a hub for elevated leisure experiences that keep you engaged and inspired with a curated selection of activities.

From challenging games to captivating exhibitions, there is something for everyone – coming soon!

Drive-thru, Retails & Al Fresco Terrace

Elevate your waterfront experience with curated Langkawi retail options, featuring a collection of local and international brands, popular eats, local crafts, and even drive-thru restaurants – all set in an al fresco space to give you comfort and convenience in one place.

Dining, shopping, and local artisanal crafts – we’re bringing your favourite brands to you. Stay tuned!

Maha square

Complete your tower experience with a visit to Maha Square, where you’ll be spoiled by live performances, local crafts, and lively festivities that awaken your senses.

From flea markets to an outdoor theatre, the esplanade is set to give you a wholesomely unique Langkawi experience that you can’t find elsewhere.

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