The Making of A Glittering Icon

The Name

The root of the tower’s name is derived from the Malay word “maha”, which translates to “the almighty” – crowning it as an icon of confidence and courage, while also honouring the legendary Mahsuri, the tragically beautiful embodiment of grace, innocence, and candour.

The vision

A glorious centrepiece of Langkawi City, the Maha Tower tops off the master plan with a selection of specially curated attractions, premium retail, and local delights dotted on its esplanade.

Envisioned to be the new heartbeat of Langkawi, the Maha Tower crowns the development as a must-visit destination for locals and travellers alike.

The inspiration

Poised to be the island’s new heartbeat, the Maha Tower cements itself as the pinnacle of Langkawi City by fulfilling its role as the hub of world-class leisure attractions and wholesomely unique entertainment facilities.

From its glamorous boulevard up to its majestic summit, the Maha Tower is a monument that transforms the skyline and economic activity of Langkawi City, unleashing the island’s true potential as the ultimate tourist destination and cementing a flourishing tomorrow for Langkawi.

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The Rising of a
New Star

Witness the glory of Langkawi’s new icon over the years.